Greetings, internet! If you came here looking for Sarasota's most recommended mortgage loan officer, I'm sorry to say that you've got the wrong Gina Damico. But if you're looking for the author of the Croak trilogy, curator of terrible art, and master of all things pointless, then hi. I'm Gina. I don't enjoy mortgage loans. I enjoy IKEA furniture and videos of people falling down.

Anyway, welcome to my website! Snacks are on the table, drinks are in the fridge. Feel free to stay and poke around a bit. You'll find a whole mess of info about me and my novels, bonus features like trailers, sample chapters, reviews, and fan art; upcoming appearances and other various ways to stalk me; and, of course, my day-to-day ramblings. Oh, and a game I made that may or may not involve killer squirrels, depending on the decisions you make. So CHOOSE WISELY.

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